The Insurance Alliance Network

“Small enough to know our neighbors, large enough to provide
products and services to businesses operating around the world.”

The Insurance Alliance of Central Pennsylvania is a collective of premier independent agencies located in the Central, Southeastern, and greater Lehigh Valley regions of Pennsylvania. Our mission is to unite in principle and practice to bring clients within the region the absolute best insurance products and services available. Through size, diversity and broad expertise, The Alliance offers on a regional level that which is normally found only with national brokers. Our long-term growth and profitability has enabled The Alliance to secure preferred relationships with the region’s and nation’s top insurance companies. With over 250 employees, our greater resources provide the sophistication to serve any size client. Our areas of expertise are commercial and personal asset protection, group benefits and financial services.

The Alliance became operational January 1, 1997. The member agencies are located throughout The Central, Southeastern and greater Lehigh Valley regions of Pennsylvania.

For commercial protection, members emphasize total risk management. Loss control and litigation expertise is on staff. Human resource skills, such as compliance with regulatory directives and planning are available. For group benefits and financial services, we can review your current plans and make recommendations for improvement, whether you employ 2 or 2,000 employees. For the lives and property you cherish most, individual security can be provided through an array of the nation’s and region’s top insurance companies.